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Widgets Wardrobe

Widgets Wardrobe 12"-18" Fleece for Hounds

Widgets Wardrobe 12"-18" Fleece for Hounds

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Easy Fleece Sweater.   Fits over your dog's head and one strap under the belly.
Easy to put on and more comfortable for your dog!  Each sweater is handmade so may vary slightly in measurements.

Designed for slim body and neck dogs such as Italian Greyhounds, 

Size listed is based on measurement from base of neck to base of tail.

 Back Size      Neck Size     Shoulder Height     Chest Width

     12"                10"                 8"                          9"
     14"                12"                 8"                          10"
     16"                12"                 9"                          10"
     18"                12"                 9"                          11"

This fleece is made from an anti-pill polar fleece material. This fleece has a built-in snood to keep not only your dog’s body warm but neck too. The fleece has a fabric strap that runs under the belly, it is fastened at the side with a long strip of Velcro, which is designed to fit a wide range of sizes and provide comfort during rest and exercise.

Custom Embroidery Optional on flank or neck.
Choose your color thread.  Block letters unless otherwise requested in notes.

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